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Why Mature Women Are Getting Sexier When Age Is Over 40?

dating-over-40In the modern times when usual norms of the society are taking U turn, dating standards, choices, preferences and expectations are also changing. Earlier when 40 plus women were rejected being so old, now 40 plus is the new sexy. You will find many women dating over 40 on the online dating sites. And the best part is desirability of such mature women has increased by many folds. These days men are actually looking forward to date women over 40. There can be many reasons for it. Some of them are discussed below.

Self confidence is much higher in such women!

A 40 plus women has seen and experienced quite a many phases of life. It is but obvious that her self confidence will be much higher than the young girls who are still living in a fantasy world. Old women are not that much clingy, dependant or desperate like girls in the teens or early twenties. In the present times men likes independent and confident women who do not pester them to take care of them. Men also feel relaxed and free with them.

These days 50s are the new 30s!

Thanks to all the skin care and hair care products available in the market it has become very difficult to judge the age of the person. Apart from that women have become so much looks conscious and fitness conscious that they maintain them in a prim prom manner. 40 plus women of present generation looks much younger and desirable than the women over 40 of previous generation. Go to any class reunion and you will see that women folk has started looking much more stunning then they used to look in college.

Experienced counts a lot!

Mature women have lot of experience of things on the bed and off the bed. Men usually like the women who take over them and teach them what are the things by which women are pleased. Men are not left making guesses about how to please a woman. It is because of this experience many men are attracted towards forty plus women and they find them sexy.


Generally women over 40 dont have an urge to start a family!

Over 40 biological clock of the woman is at the ending phase. Unlike young girls who want commitments and children old women usually don’t want any of it. It is a great relief for a man who does not want to commit or start a family. In the present times it can be the main reason why men prefer women over 40.

Realistic approach of mature women attracts many men!

Girls in their 20’s and 30’s have unrealistic Bollywood driven romantic expectations from their dating partner. They want to be pampered in every possible sense. But fory plus women has seen a lot of life. Usually they do not have unrealistic expectations from the partners. They don’t mind a romantic distraction but not anything more than that.

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