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When sex – is not a reason for dating


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Romance and pragmatism in New York

It is quite understandable why you cannot be interested in “just sex.” We all want to feel wanted, loved, and not only waste our emotional and sexual energy for rogues. It concerns not only women but also men, contrary to popular belief of constant readiness of men to copulate.

But there are those who do not see a “just sex” okay for the psyche. That’s where adult singles New York take dating into online form. They do not want the load on the brain or the heart to enjoy sexual relations. Women, do not necessarily fall in love with a man to dance tango together, cook a tasty meal or exercise. However, most of society believes that if someone knows how to enjoy sex, whether in love or not – has a big problem. Maybe he needs a sex therapist? There will be cured by this immoral interest in sexual intercourse! For, in truth, it is said normal people engage in sex only for love, and all who might otherwise are called capacious. Adult dating New York is completely the opposite what you have seen on the internet.

Many of those who tried sex without commitment, during career take-off – the times when the mental strength is enough not only for themselves but to make the other person happy. So sex without a relationship is very suitable. There is just no time for anything else. “Finally, non-burdensome sex, appreciate independent people who have or have not experienced true love, or basically do not want to share their life with someone else. Sex without commitment is great: no jealousy, control of calls and questions about where she or he was today.

Nothing personal

Sexual abstinence does not harm the woman. So the argument that the lack of sex is bad for health is unjustified. But it is known that an active sex life improves not only physical but also mental state of the person. The conclusion is simple: sex is more useful than neglected. But in the case of sex without commitment is true only under certain conditions. Nobody wants a sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy. Non-burdensome practicing sex girls say that the biggest threat – the emotional attachment to a partner. In order not to fall in love, they recommend to leave a cool head, not giving full passion, do not spend the night together in the same bed, do not allow yourself extra time to think about the man, and finally, not to give it importance in his eyes and convince yourself that it is not suitable for long-term relations. The most radical way – not to kiss. Limit your conclusions based on the exchange of fluids.

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Sex without commitment to constantly keep your distance is possible if you go to adult online dating New York. If the woman sees in man a sexual partner, it should be obvious. The format of “just sex” does not tolerate with serious character relationships – all these trips to the movies, dinner at the restaurant and coffee in the morning in bed. They are so tightly ingrained in the minds – that can be called love. That’s why even small things have to be in control. Finally, another feature of sex without commitment is that they are still there – the obligation to think about the consequences and do everything to make these consequences. Responsibility for your own feelings – all the harder aggravating circumstances, so if you believe that sex without love is unpleasant, it is better not even try.

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