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What are Greek women and dating with them like?

Greek ladies strike men’s hearts with their stunning beauty and are known as wonderful girlfriends and wives. But are they much different from Western women and what how to find the keys to their hearts? Get to know Greek ladies and enjoy communication with them!

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Greek beauty

Beauty of Greek women is captivating. Their deep sparking eyes, graceful figures, long black hair, curly or wavy, their bright smiles with full lips can charm men in one moment. They are very feminine, they love their female nature and mostly prefer wearing seductive long dresses and skirts to putting on jeans, trousers and shirts. They just feel more comfortable this way.

Greek ladies are gorgeous and after seeing a Greece girl photo here on this site, you can enjoy their natural beauty, their attractiveness and charm, and probably find your soulmate – of course, if you believe in love at the first sight!

Even though they are educated and open-minded, there are still many differences between Greek and Western women. What should you know before the start?

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Greek women and their special nature

Greece has its special culture that is thousands years old. Greek people have lots of traditions that can vary from one family to another, and they tend to keep them. The Greek as a nation have strong family values. Their women are brought up with understanding of their role in family, with the notion of care for others, for their family members, especially husband and children.

Greek ladies are positive and energetic, and they share their emotions and love to life easily with you if they are with you. They love dancing and singing, they love music and they enjoy having a great time in a good company. They appreciate good friendship and meaningful communication.

Greece girls love parties, love being among lots of other people, love giving and getting positive emotions and you will not get bored being with a Greek lady. She will shower you with her affection completely and you will be able to feel all love and tenderness which her heart can give to you!

The Greek are a passionate nation and so are the women of this nation, too! They can laugh loudly, slap their hands often, exclaim a lot, express their feelings with passion – hug you, kiss you when they want it, show their tenderness openly and give the love in the very moment they feel it especially strong.

Greek women

Family and traditions

Greek women care about their family a lot. Greek moms are probably the most caring and attentive mothers in the world. No matter how old is their child they still call him or her “paidi” which means “the child” in their language – they show their unexampled mother’s love to their son or daughter.

There is a lot of respect which Greek people show to older members of the family. They realize that after all that can happen to you in your life, only your family can be a real support for you in a difficult situation. Family is really very important for them.

If you look for a wife from Greece, you will be appreciated the same as their family member after becoming a beloved boyfriend or a husband of a Greek lady. If you have relationship with a Greek girl, you are already a part of big Greek family!

It is important to say that Greek people love their culture and are proud with their country, they are real patriots. If you start communication with a female Greek friend, get ready to know from her the fact that Greece is probably the best country in the world because of their culture, food, music, science and landscapes. They are well acquainted with their cultural heritage and they will tell you a lot about it.

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How to get to know a Greek lady?

If you have not communicated with Greek people before, you can probably feel a bit shy and embarrassed getting to know Greek ladies. Yes, they really have special culture, special traditions, but they can easily communicate with a Western man if you do it right. What are the tips for meeting Greek women and melting their hearts? You can use the following:

  • Feel free to start talking and showing your interest. Greek women are mostly traditional and they can often look for a partner who is Greek, too, but they accept completely well the chance to get to know a man from another country and culture. Personality is still more important for them than nationality.
  • Treat her like a princess or a queen. By their national tradition and belief, a woman should be loved a lot. Greek men treat their women really well, they care a lot, they give their women presents and nice things. Showing your care is necessary for them to feel that you are really interested.
  • Show your affection. Greek women are passionate and they love showing affection, they love to be proud with their boyfriend, to find all the best things in him only, so they will admire if you show them how much you care and love them.
  • Respect her opinion. Greek women are feminine but not helpless and they can have their own ideas and protect them strongly if they want. Inside the incredibly feminine body there is a really strong spirit and enquiring mind, so you will never get bored with them. Anyway, they want a strong man by their side but they won’t stand any pressure on them.