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Tips for the first date between a foreigner and a Russian lady.

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A very important topic for the both sides is who the person is paying for the dinner. In my practice of an advisor was a case when a teacher Svetlana from Ukraine has wrote me a letter seeking for an advice

In two weeks she will be visited by an American man whom she met by means of Internet, she lives in Kiev where she works as a teacher, and of course that means that she doesn’t have a big salary, that is why she has a lot of doubts, it is agreed that she will meet this man in the airport, but she is wondering who will pay for the taxi, who will play for all the museums, as eventually she will not be able to tell him darling, would you please pay for everything, her pride and feeling of self esteem would never allow her to do that. Not to mention going to the restaurant, she is not sure whether she will be able to afford it, that is why she wrote the letter seeking for an advice and some good words that would be able to support her, sometimes this is already a big something.

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Well the answer is simple, as the majority of foreigners usually are aware of the not easy life that people from Ukraine are leading, that is why i suppose that this American is not planning to have fun at the expense of his woman, if he doesn’t understand that, than there is a need to explain that it might take you your all salary in order to pay the taxi driver. And in the restaurants gentlemen usually pay for the ladies. Even in America, but of course with the consent of both people and without pushing, anyway this man surely will be a real gentleman, near who you need to allow yourself being a real lady, and if he will not behave as a real man supposed to, than it is not your man, and it would be easier to forget about him.


Another woman, Olesya, has asked for an advice, she mentioned that she already was in the United States a few years ago, by means of a fiancée visa, but she was not able to be with that man for some reasons. Currently she is looking for a husband abroad, and would really love this husband to be from United States, as she traveled a lot in the United States and in Europe and realized that she would love to live with an American husband, but she is bothered with the visa issue, as she doesn’t know if it is ok on this stage of communication to tell to her man that she already had a fiancée visa before, but it didn’t worked out, and now she is not sure if she will be able to apply for it again. Well it is not the only case of this kind, and the visa is not requiring anyone to get married. That is why it is given a three months term so two people can get to know each other better, and if for some reasons the bride is going back home, than she can surely apply for the same type of visa but visiting another fiancée this time, the most important rule is not to break the terms of staying on the territory of the United States, as regarding on which stage of communication to tell about the past, it is a personal decision only.

Each person knows better how to love and how to act in this or that situation, no one knows better your future husband than you do, so you are the one who should feel that person, as well as you are the one who should know how to speak with him about the past, and how to bring all the bothering you information in the way that he would understand and support you, as this is what marriage is about, no one needs having a silly and useless person by their side, we all meet each other for a certain and very important reason. So when we feel that the person by our side is real and very dear to our heart than we will always find the right words in order to explain everything properly and not lose that person from our life.

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