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The truth about swingers

Modern society could not meet the expectations of such a mass of civilized people. That’s when swinging was created- an intramural exchange of sexual partners. To be correct – it came up with a few thousand years earlier. The orgies of ancient Rome deeply resemble our swing parties, at least superficially. This exciting way to share wives and husbands was found with some people of the North and other exotic tribes. But it is modern swing groups, with shameless cynicism of post-industrial society that has survived the sexual revolution; this phenomenon changed the lives of many people in something ordinary. Now it’s common to see clubs for swingers London and colorful places in with adds on the doors that say “For swingers” or something similar.

Today, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people may feel sexual liberation. This emancipation statute supported by clubs and is protected by reasonable rules of conduct. “No one has the right to force anyone to close without the desire of another person” and so on. This is independence – free labor with freely assembled people. But that does not matter. Most importantly – it is a free choice of loosely gathered people, without duress. However, there is a condition – after a certain hour every man in the club must be only in his underwear. This solves the problem of the most difficult first step.
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London modern psychologists believe that swingers are the product of complex psychological scheme. It is a society, where people are alone, even though they have hundreds of friends – frantically looking for new forms of interpersonal communication. This model of life developed the so called swinger movement – people who practice the exchange of sexual partners.