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The difficulties of corresponding with a foreigner.

marinaThere are a lot of difficulties for Russian brides at the beginning of their correspondence with each new man in their life. The most difficult thing is usually the fact that each Russian bride at the beginning is not prepared to start a serious relationship with a foreign man. And sometimes it is a too small period of time since their divorce from previous husband or they are simply not ready for a relationship, and considering the fact that a lot of Russian brides have a little baby from previous relationship, that is also not very helping in finding the perfect partner. But the most important thing is to firmly believe that she would be happy! This faith and the work of people who work at marital agencies help overcoming all the difficulties.

Sometimes it is difficult to create a lasting correspondence or relationship through the letters, especially considering the fact that there were times, when you were getting about twenty letters per day, so eventually it is difficult to answer all of them, as well as keeping in mind everything you wrote to each man.

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When there is a large selection of letters it is hard to find “your” man. And here comes the faith in destiny! A decent man will not sit around, on the Internet for a long time, up to a maximum of two months, and then he will meet you and will leave from the site! Usually this is how it happens with good men. There is no point trusting the men, who were sitting for extended periods of time on the Internet in search of the perfect woman, not to mention the cases when same men are writing simultaneously to all women, at the same time, as soon as you realize that it is better to stop this kind of communication.


Here is an example of a successful story of Maria. When Christian has wrote her the first letter, they have got a great misunderstanding, as she was a woman who has never made the first step towards men, she always had too many fans. And she naively believed that all men were serious about her when she was responding their letters. But once she got a weird letter.

The man was writing that he is so and so, and that he likes her, that she is pretty, but he never considered marrying a woman with a child, (Maria had a small daughter). Also he wrote that he has a cousin who has four children, and that he spends a lot of time with them, because he loves children. And if all of a sudden he will love a woman with a child, it will not be a big problem for him.  She was very angry at him. And she wrote a very tough letter stating that she never will give up on her child, and wouldn’t trade it for any man in the world, as she and her child are one and single entity. Also she asked him, why is he writing to her if he is not looking for a woman as she is, later she quickly forgot about this letter and started doing her usual chores. But a week later she got an answer from him, where he was running into more details about his life, and was asking if she likes him, because if she does than he would love to continue the communication. Later he became her husband and a great father for her baby daughter, since that time almost three years have passed, currently they live in Chicago, and Maria is pregnant with their second child, who is their first mutual child at the same time, they are hoping for a boy, but no matter of the gender they will love the child eternally, and ultimately.

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