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Swingers: having a successful first meeting.

swingersmallSo you and your partner have contacted another couple online, and the four of you have are now ready to meet in person. It’s been quite a while since you’ve dated, but you are quite sure this is what it feels like. Lots of questions arise; where should you all go? What clothes should we wear? What we don’t live up to their expectations? When you’re inexperienced swingers, you’ll feel lots of different emotions, ranging from excited to anxious or even scared. This is nothing to worry about. This is a very common occurrence in this swinger nation. You can almost guarantee the other couple is feeling a similar way.

The easiest and safest way to have a great time is not to put too much pressure on yourself and your partner. Go into the encounter without any high expectations and an open mind about everything. Don’t clutter your mind with thoughts about whether or not you’re going to do a complete swap or if anyone is going to fulfill any sex fantasies. The best mindset to have is: “My partner and I are going to have a fun evening with another couple, and we’ll see where it leads.”

If this is your first time meeting another couple in a swinging context, be mindful of this: no matter how much research about the lifestyle you do, and no matter how many blogs you read and forums you join, nothing can fully prepare you for the reality of your experience on your first swinger date or meeting. As you may already know, becoming swingers is a huge gamble for your relationship. Every couple should have a strong foundation for their relationship before they start experimenting with this lifestyle. Make sure you’re both honest to each other, you have great communication, and you mutually care about feelings and necessities.

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You should always be ready for the possibility that one of you (in some cases both) might not feel happy about how everything goes after their first swinger meeting. It is common for people to feel left out (which usually happens when one spouse gets along better with the other couple), sometimes people get jealous (even slightly), sometimes the experience of group sex can make people feel insecure, sad or with low self-esteem. Keep in mind that those are common issues and whenever they arise, you should talk with your partner about solutions.

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