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Single Asian women: dating the right way

It’s not a secret that Asian culture is booming. Their appearance and traditions are of great interest for foreigners from Western countries. Many men are dreaming of dating such a woman and get a hot Asian wife. And to do so, note some important details.

Five things Asian girls Hate

  1. Single Asian women hate stingy boys. For example, a guy asking a girl out wants her to pay a restaurant bill. The girl will definitely have a dark shadow deep in her heart, she’ll be very angry but out of natural politeness she won’t probably show any traces of discontent. And most likely you won’t ever see her again.

In Asian culture it’s normal to bring gifts every time you go to someone’s house. It’s very different from how these things are done in Western countries so you’ll have to get used to it. Also, girls expect gifts all the time as well. We’re not talking about diamonds and cars, but something simple just to make her smile and feel special. But cheap souvenirs are a no-no for Asian girls, they like solid good quality things (that are not always super expensive though).  Don’t ever cheap it out! Asian girls really love to be spoiled, and it’s quite different in the Western world where you can share a café bill with your girlfriend and it’s a normal thing. In Asia gender differences are much more pronounced, a girl usually expects to be treated like a girl, and you have to pay attention to your behavior.

  1. Asian girls hate being called fat, even if they do have some extra weight. They can be literally brutal if someone calls them fat. The problem is that old people are generally very open and direct. If they see an overweight person, they just say it out loud! They can ask, why you’re still single or so ugly or especially fat. It’s normal for them, and they’re saying it with a smile, because during their young age lack of food was a great problem. Many people starved and were unhealthy skinny. That’s why in their understanding gaining weight is associated with wealth. Even though they say it with good intentions, it creates some kind of tension between different generations. It’s actually a great social problem in Asia. Everyone is so concerned about their appearance that many girls start to blindly lose weight becoming anorexic and suffering from eating disorders. You have to watch your words, because one phrase can trigger a great psychological problem for your Asian woman.Single Asian women
  2. Asian girls don’t really like the sun. Sounds strange, but they adore white pale skin and hate getting tan. They always use sunscreen protection skincare to prevent early aging and tanning. Sometimes the struggle to be white can be stretched to the ridiculous point. Some girls go to the beach wearing a weird mask covering all their face. It’s just the scariest thing, but they wear it in order to protect their skin from sun rays. Some ladies wear more gear than bikers with the single purpose of staying white. So don’t be surprised if you ever see your girl wearing some strange reflective hat of sleeves on a sunny day. And if you’re inviting her to the beach, prepare for the worst.
  3. Asian girls hate exercises and sport. But at the same time they do like athletic men. Being sweaty and sore doesn’t inspire them at all, to stay fit Asian ladies prefer good skincare, massage and healthy diet. They don’t like long walks or going up on stairs, so keep that in mind when planning your date.
  4. Asian girls are very jealous so they hate when their boyfriend or husband is checking out other girls. If in most Western countries it’s normal to check out other girls, in Asia you might get hot water on your face or get slapped for that. Well, to be fair, most girls all around the world would not appreciate their boyfriend or husband checking out other girls, but your hot Asian wife possesses such fury and passion that you certainly don’t want to experience in a bad way. Guys can get beaten with purses right in the street, get slapped or called out verbally. Eastern ladies are incredibly jealous and possessive. Probably it’s rooting in insecurity and those traditional gender roles. As a man you’re not supposed to pay attention to other women at all.Online dating with Asian girls

Online dating with Asian girls

Of course, not everyone can afford going to cross the planet just to date a woman. Therefore, most Western men prefer dating online. The best Asian dating site provides so many beautiful accounts that you just get lost. But are all of these girls real? How can you approach them and make them like you?

  • Never start conversation with “konnichiwa”, as Asia is not only Japan, and every country has its own language and background.
  • Don’t mention her exotic appearance and skin color as it can be considered as disrespectful behavior.
  • Forget about dirty talk. If you really want an Asian woman to like you, stay respectful and interested in what she’s saying. Any sexual talk will probably end up in getting blocked. Good luck!

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