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Russian Women: Expectations from Men, Fears and Apprehensions

sexyrussianbitchRussian women dream of meeting a materially stable, attractive man, who would be their  tower of stability and comfort; whom they will feel save and secure with. A real dream is a sincere and loyal husband, who will accept them the way they are with all their merits and demerits and occasional hysterics…BUT very often Russian women  get married to those, who love them and are very persistent and insistent in their love, forgetting about stability and financial wellbeing, etc.

Russian women are tolerant towards men and for a beloved person are ready for many things, even incredible ones. However, they suffer with this as well. There is some truth in the saying that Russian women like to suffer and big sad eyes beautify Russian women. No man will resist the temptation to comfort a beautiful Russian lady! 😉

Russian women are afraid to be abandoned, changed for a lover or her husband will start drinking. That is why they dress up sexually, make manicure, do incredible make ups waiting for a prince on a white horse, who would notice them and lose his head with love, take the initiative and overpower them with his love. Those, who get the man at last, get married and those who have a stronger hope potential join on-line dating sites, placing their beautiful photos on the profiles waiting for American, Canadian and European princes…

Thus, Western men get a chance to meet a devoted loyal life time partner, who would stand up shoulder to shoulder for all your life. Isn’t it a real fortune? Having better financial and economical background Western men have a better chance to get a loving, caring, attentive, interesting, intelligent Russian wife, make her happy and make the common dreams of happy harmonious stable family true. Russian women and Western men make up great long lasting couples.

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