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russianmatchPaul Hunt, thirty three years old, expert concerning intellectual property issues, Los Angeles, California.

I had a relationship with two Ukrainian girls, and both of them were very different from each other. The last one, unfortunately is one of those women who became a sort of bad stereotype regarding the things you can expect from a woman from Eastern Europe. That is why she is the person i would like to speak about in the first place. She was very beautiful but only from her exterior side, as her interior side was dark and ugly. She considered that the entire world must spin around her, and with all those serious ambitions, unfortunately she was not doing too many things in order to make her dreams come true, all she was expecting, is that i will provide her with everything she needs in order to have that “beautiful life” that she has pictured. She loved wearing nice and expensive brand clothes, going to fancy places, and at the same time, i was shocked by the fact that she seemed to have a complete absence of her own personal ambitions. She didn’t want to work upon herself, she didn’t want to study, she didn’t want to look for a job. I will never forget how once in a restaurant she demanded me to buy her flowers, or how once during watching ballet she came closer to my ear and asked me to give her money for shopping. What a nerve to find such a moment to ask for money. Well in one word that was not the best woman for dating or having a serious relationship, not to mention the fact that she certainly not the type of woman a man would consider ever getting married with, that is why i broke up with her.

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The relationship with the other Ukrainian woman that i was dating, were completely different. She wasn’t up to any stereotype I ever read or heard concerning Slavic women, which proves once again, that a stereotype is nothing but a label which is used by people in order to generalize things they do not want to think about thoroughly.


If in United States a cake to a birthday person is bought by his or her friends, than in Ukraine this thing is done by the birthday person. Where is the logic? Why the person who has birthday should spend half of the day shopping and in the kitchen in order to entertain and feed friends later?!

She was pretty not only by her physical appearance but due to her internal qualities as well, she was reading a lot and by that time she was on her way to getting a degree in science. She was very interested about culture, art, music and travelled a lot. She could tell me many interesting things (her English was fluent, though she kept always doubting and shying about her “poor” English). Her family was the most important thing for her. And friendship was very important as well. I can definitely say that this girl was highly valuing her friends! It was a fantastic girl, who took care of me and I was taking care of her, it was very pleasant for me to give her flowers and gifts, just like that for no reason, as she never asked or demanded me to do it, unlike the other Ukrainian girl. I think that if not the distance (while she was finishing her classes, we had to live in different countries) we would certainly got married. We are very close friends till nowadays, that is why i still have a hope that not everything is lost for good.

Now i realized that as soon as you find someone really good and decent in your life than it is your personal concern to make everything go right, and not ever giving up on the person who is dear to your heart, as who knows this way you might lose the only sincere person in your life.

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