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How to Write an On-line Dating Profile?

If you are looking for great dating advice in terms of the profile compellation, then stop here. It is a fact that most of the profiles on on-line dating sites, both of men and women are bad, really bad and boring). The authors of these profiles look like soul less robots. The present article will help the men to have a great dating profile to attract women and become successful in on-line dating.

So, what do women want to read in your profile? Really, they want the same things that men want. In your profile you need to communicate four traits in your own unique styl:

Fun/Funny: Women like men that are fun to be around. This is the way you should make your profile – funny! Be fun!

Adventurous: Women don’t like men, who are not satisfied with doing the same things again and again. This determines what you should write in your profile.

Confident: Women like independent and assertive men. These is another feature to bear in mind communicate through how you write your profile. You don’t need to write about it, but make a woman feel it when she reads your profile.

Direction: Many women want a man with a career, not job. The one, who has purposes, not hobbies! A man, who is on his way to something better, a progressive male.

So, ensure, you try hard to communicate these things in your profile, describing yourself. The following dating tips would also be helpful to you.

  • Distinguish Yourself

Don’t tell obvious things in your profile. Be sure there are many profiles on-line that sound the same and you don’t want that.

  • Show, Don’t Tell

Don’t tell that you are funny, tell a joke; don’t just mention you like cooking, describe some of your special dishes, etc.

  • Concentrate on Positive, Don’t Even Mention Negative

If you have weak sides, don’t mention them at all. You have a product – you – to sell. So, make a good advertising.

  • Start It Right

Your profile should give the woman a reason to go on reading. Make sure your intro doesn’t sound desperate or vulnerable. This will never work.  Say something intriguing and provoking, this will definitely catch the interest of a woman.

  • Don’t lie

Sooner or later any lie would be revealed, so it is better be honest from the very beginning. You wouldn’t want your relationship get serious and then your initial lie break everything, would you?

  • Don’t Brag

Bragging is a major turn off with women. Do tell facts about yourself, but watch the limits for it not to become arrogant. Bragging makes you seem insecure.

  • Upload Good Photos, However, Not Too Good

Too good photographs look too good to be true.

With the on-line dating you have a wide space to portray yourself in the best light, so why not taking advantage of these dating tips and become successful in on-line dating.

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