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How to go on a date and not hookup: top 5 differences

If you want to show to your potential partner you’re rather serious and not just there for sex, use these simple tips to convince them. There are some basic differences between a date and a hookup.

  • The authentic place of meeting. There can’t be a real date in such cheap and non-stylish places as a plain bar or pub. Take a person to some place of the atmosphere.
  • Dress romantically. People mostly wear casual clothes for hookups. While we are impressing our date with either classy or very trendy clothes to go out in.
  • Order wine or champagne. Who uses wine for hookups? It would be ridiculous. Short cocktails, whisky, beer are more suitable. While champagne and wine are for a date.
  • Talk on personal matters. Nobody goes in depth with personal topics while hookuping, but it’s just typical for a date to learn about someone’s personality and life.
  • Create chemistry not horny mood. We can be somewhat vulgar in casual affairs, but dating requires some stable chemistry and romance. Try to create it with your actions.