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How To Get A Girl To Like You – Top 10 Tips

beautiful couple walkingIts not easy to get a girl to like you. You need to understand a girl if you want her to like you. What she likes/what she hates varies significantly from one girl to another. Now you might be giving me a weird look as to how come I being a guy know what girl desires.

How to get a girl to like you

So let me speak about myself first. I am Shitij Jain and have had many girlfriends in the past. So I have combined a list of things that will help you to get a girl to like you.. These things are based on my encounters with my girlfriends. These are the things that every single girl will look in you on a first sight.

1. Height and complexion – I have seen many girls discussing about these two factors with their female friends. Girls generally prefer a guy having medium fair complexion. The height that a girl desire in her guy is to be just few inches greater than her own height.

2. Fit or unfit – A girl desires that the guy should be lean. A girl wants his guy not to be muscular and may not be as strong as Arnold but still looks good in whatever he is wearing. In short a girl wants that his guy should neither be too thin nor be too fat.

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3. Scent / smell – A guy even though being well dressed should also smell good. Well I am not telling you guys that the usage of Axe perfume would make girls go crazy over you. But indeed the usage of good perfume and aftershave makes a girl remember you. If you smell good, she will surely come closer to you.

4. Tom Cruise’s looks – Based upon my experience with my girlfriends, a girl desires that a guy should have Tom Cruise looks. Tom Cruise was a craze and rage in “Top Gun”. His hair style made many girls go crazy over him. Indeed he was a heartthrob of many girls and still continues to be at the age of 51. Oh! Happy birthday to him, he turned 51 today only (July 3, 2013).

5. Cheerful Smile – A guy should be happy and have a lovable smile. A girl desires to have a guy with  a youthful smile. The smile should be perfect neither too less nor too more.

6. Personality – A girl desires that there should be two traits in his guy’s personality. A girl wants his guy to be fun loving and mature. A guy should be protective but not overprotective. There should not be pressure on the girl if she is meeting with her boyfriends. At the same time a guy should be fun loving, humorous and funny. This way you can easily make a girl laugh.

7. Money is honey – Girls often desire that a guy should have a decent pocket money. Obviously she wouldn’t pay during the dates. There have been many instances of guys ditching their girlfriends just because of over-expenditure. So an advice to the guys is to make budget friendly girlfriends or stay single.


8. Patience and listening to her – Girls prefer those guys that actually listen to their problems and provide solutions accordingly. They tend to prefer those guys who provide comfort to them in times of crisis situation than the ones who fake it or ignore their problems. The crisis situation could here means girls having problem with their parents, trouble sibling or some studying problem. A girl in these times looks for genuine advice and not just a fake consoling. They need someone to care for them.

9. Career Oriented – This applies to all those guys who will pursue job after their graduation. A girl often prefers guys who are focused about their careers whatever the field may be. Believe me I have seen girls leaving their boyfriends because of this issue. Girls prefer those guys who work hard and party harder. No girls like geeks and nerds provided she is too one of them.

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10. Respect Parents – Girls tend to prefer those guys only who respect their parents. The use of abusiveness towards their parents is strictly not tolerated by any girl. This is because there is a notion among girls that a guy who doesn’t respect his parents couldn’t respect her too.

So I have provided you with top 10 things that will surely help you to get a girl to like you. I suggest all the guys to inculcate these traits to get the girlfriend of your dreams. Inculcating these traits in your character and knowing how to flirt with a girl can get you a girl of your dreams.

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