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Dos and don’ts for dating Ukrainian ladies



Everyone is aware of the fact that there are certain things which women enjoy and the ones which they do not enjoy. The same can be said about Ukrainian women, and it is important to know what those things are.

After all, you want to find a Ukrainian lady to date, and later on marry.

You have registered on a dating agency website and found some Ukrainian women to talk to. After some time, you manage to decide which one you like the most and you manage to arrange a date with her. What should you do now?

This article will help you out with how you should behave during the date and teach you which things to avoid doing.

Before we start with the list, you should know that Ukrainian women tend to be pretty shy at the beginning. It might be hard for you to notice her emotions, but don’t worry about it too much. Later on she will get used to being around you and she will feel freer about her emotions.

What to do?

– Be prepared to visit her in the city she lives in. Read up on the things to see and think about where you might take her out.

– Maintain eye-contact with her, but try not to make it look like you are staring into the depths of her soul

– Always know what you want! After all, this woman might become your wife, so always look for the qualities you find attractive.

– Being honest is a must. Don’t lie because it might return to bite you on your ass later on.

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– Tell her about your financial situation and inform her whether you are expecting her to work as well.

– Ask her to show you around her city. You will see many interesting things and you will have a lot of time to talk.

– Talk about the country and the city you live in. Talk about the landmarks and about the people.

– Ask her about her family and friends. This will show that you are interested in her life. She might be shy about it at first, but she will remember that you have shown interest.

– Smile and try to be funny and witty. Ukrainian women have a good sense of humor and she will like the fact that you are trying to make her smile.

– Take the lead. You are the one who should talk about the future plans regarding your relationship. Of course, ask her what she thinks about it, after all you are supposed to be a team.

– Be a gentleman – open the doors for her, offer to pay for the lunch/dinner. Small signs of affection will show her that you are worthy of her time.

– If she is wearing high heels, walk slower, you don’t want her to stumble and fall whilst she is trying to follow you.

– Learn how to pronounce her name correctly and ask her to teach you how to pronounce the names of her family members.Holiday

What not to do.

– Don’t be judgmental about Ukraine and the life in Ukraine. Yes, you are entitled to an opinion, but think about how it will make your date feel.

– Don’t turn the conversation into a boring monologue. You should ask her questions and let her answer them. Listen to her and don’t interrupt her while she’s talking.

– Don’t be nervous. It is hard to follow this one, but it is important to relax and be who you really are.

– Don’t intimidate her by saying your family opposes marriage with a Ukrainian bride. Promise her that you will do everything to make your relationship work.

– Don’t think of her as a slave. Yes, she will work around the house, but help her when you see that it is needed.

– Don’t give her an even number of funerals because even numbers are used for funerals.

– Don’t allow her to carry something heavy. Even if she can carry it, it will make her glad that you have offered her your help.

– Don’t look at other women. This is very important, she will notice if you are concentrated on her or on someone else.

We sincerely hope that you have found this article useful and that it has answered some of the questions you might have had about dating Ukrainian women. Remember to be yourself, act natural and always be a gentleman – this will ensure that your date goes smooth and that another date will happen.

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