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Dating for Free: Things to Never Write in your Profile

Dating for FreeThis article aims at making your on-line dating more successful, if you are wondering why not so many people respond to your profile and will reveal you some strategies, if you are new to on-line dating. These strategies will help to get more of the interest from potential matches. These strategies are good for those, who use paid modern dating services or date for free.

It is crucial not to write the ten following things in your profile to make it a beneficial and successful tool in your search.

Never insult on-line dating. By doing so, you make your profile a big turn off. You would seem to be judgmental. Never bite the hand that can feed you in future. And definitely never insult people using this method looking for a soul mate.

Never lie. Never, ever lie in your profile about your height, weight, age anything. The truth will get revealed sooner or later. It always happens this way. It doesn’t mean however, you should share all your ‘dirty linen’ with the others, but never deceive others to lure them to your personality. It simply won’t work as the lies get disclosed at some point of relationship.

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Never list what you expect in money and baby matters. Some things are better left for the dates and definitely not the first several ones.

Never write about your ex or sex in your profile. The profile is sort the ‘first date’ conversation, so apply the same rules for the way you introduce yourself to the strangers on-line too.

Never ever whine. Since you are on the dating site, everyone understands you are single and in search. There is no need to whine about it in your profile or during your on-line communication with other members. The same goes about your unsuccessful first dates, politics, etc. Focus on all the great things about you, your life and what you have to offer for a new relationship in your profile. No one is interested to find a negative and pessimistic person.

Never ramble. A very long profile is boring to read. So, stay concise, clear and check your spelling and grammar to make it reader-friendly.

Never use too many clichéd phrases and be too vague. Remember that everyone likes having fun and you are one of the many, who cannot live without friends and family. So, fill your profile with the details to make it personalized and individual.


Never share too much personal information. Bear in mind that your profile is read by strangers. They shouldn’t know your home address, phone number, place of work, last name. Be attentive to this when you upload pictures. Make sure they don’t reveal any of the information that would help others to identify you.

Never reveal your egoistic side. Never demand your future partner to worship you. Never say you ‘deserve’ this or that. It is better to focus on what you can offer a person, instead. Never provide the list of expectations and requirements to your future partner as this will be a big turn off for many members.

Never leave blank spaces in your profile. If you don’t put time and effort in creating your profile, why would others assume you have enough time for the communication on this site and relationship? Never fill in the gaps with phrases like: “not sure what to write” or “you better ask my friends” and the like.

Good luck in your search!

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