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Can Russian Women Be Considered Ideal?


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It is interesting to know who is an ideal woman in the eyes of men. Can a Russian woman be considered ideal?

According to the small questioning held by an on-line company most of the men answered that an ideal woman doesn’t exist in nature and it makes no sense to dream about the ideal wife. Other, more profound men answered that the ideal woman is the one, who is aware of what men want to see in her. What men think of a Russian ideal woman? Below you will find the most frequent answers.

–          She never shows openly her desire to establish authority over her man

–          She is able to change and adapt the needs of her man

–          She needs to know how to be capricious from time to time

–          She is sexually liberated

–          She knows how to flirt

–          She improves her skills of charming and seducing men


The majority of different social interrogations show that married and unmarried men see the ideal woman form different angles. This can be explained by the different priorities in regards of women. Married men focus on woman’s ability to work and the ability to solve problems, they less speak about her beauty, while single men put beauty, femininity, and ability to please the man on the first place.

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Russian women appreciate in themselves beauty, style, individuality and sexuality most of all.


Philosophy sees ideal woman as the one harmoniously developed and always working on her improvement in every respect: body, soul and mind.

A woman should be womanly and have self-respect. Diplomacy is more in nature of women. There for women are more responsible for bringing up the children and husbands. 😉

Is your Russian bride ideal? You need to decide for yourself. If she meets your needs and expectations, than she probably is. Let your Russian bride take care of you and your home and you will never regret.

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